As Co-Director of the design studio Public Displays of Affection, I had the opportunity to collaborate with Airbnb and Hewn Bros. to create a Brooklyn-themed mini-golf course. 

PDA created the concept of Brooklyn-themed mini-golf and designed 6 unique layouts for some of our city's most iconic locations: Grand Army Plaza, Coney Island, Green-Wood Cemetery, McCarren Park Pool, the Williamsburg Bank Tower and Gomberg Seltzer Works. These concepts were then translated into illustration by Agnes Lee and then brought to life by the fabricators at Hewn Bros. 



Brooklyn Community Supported Art + Design is New York's first "CSA for art", where shareholders support local artists and receive artwork on a seasonal basis.

I joined Dianne Debicella of the arts organization Fractured Atlas as design partner in creating a service that provides community support for artists/designers and original, high-quality collectible works at an accessible price for the community.

Visit the CSA+D website to learn more about the project and join a movement that is changing the marketplace for art and design.



In collaboration with The Canary Project's Modern Primitive Exchange initiative, I developed the content for six workshops and final community event, designed branding elements and a website and led students in several creative skill-building activities.

Workshops included Community Organizing and Web Design, Bike Repair, Build a Bike-Powered Phone Charger, Build an Earth Oven, Build a Geodesic Dome Greenhouse and Growing Food. Fellow workshop leaders included community organizer Molly Rose Kaufman, designer Kelley Sullivan and the expert mechanics of Melo Velo Bike Shop in Syracuse, NY.

Learn more about each workshop at the project website WILDER.IS.



I worked with the Design Studio for Social Intervention to design a mobile brainstorming unit and branding for their project Public Kitchen.

With magnetic chalkboards and a collapsible easel, the concept was to make a very portable station for exploring and soliciting ideas. Jill combined original designs with those from the Noun Project to create 30 visual ideas in 5 categories: SHARE, SOCIALIZE, GET OUTSIDE, LEARN and EARN & SAVE.



Based on the surrealist parlor game "exquisite corpse," the Exquisite Course INSPIRATIONATOR is an idea-generator web application that shuffles ingredients from three basic food categories into thousands of new combinations, helping you solve the eternal problem of what to make for dinner. Created with developer Kirsten Nordine.



I invented Design Taboo to help move forward in defining and developing my own projects, but found it a really handy game to play with clients as a co-creative branding exercise. To play it, come up with a list of 10 questions to which each person on the project has to give a one-word answer that they write at the top of a card. They then draw a line underneath that word and come up with 5 words that they think most people would use to describe that word. A deck of Design Taboo cards is thus created and shuffled, and the game begins.

Read more at the Public Displays of Affection blog.



Deep Greening is a pocket-sized tool kit designed for and with the Design Studio for Social Intervention.

For use by urban planners and community organizers who are charged with making spaces more "green," this tool provides questions about Ecology, Fracture, Physical Assets and Social Assets that planners can ask themselves and others when examining urban spaces for redesign.



BIKE TAG is a mobile technology approach to the problems facing cyclists - inadequate infrastructure and unsafe conditions - using social networking in conjunction with product design to visualize and understand the life of cyclists. 

This concept was my graduate thesis project in Industrial Design at the Rhode Island School of Design.