As co-director of the design studio Public Displays of Affection, I was hired by Empress Media to develop the name, brand, visual identity and digital experience for the new feminist publication The Establishment. Using brainstorming tools we've developed for co-creating with clients, we approached the design of a new brand for women with the objective to avoid overtly gendered aesthetics. Read more about the process here.


Public Kitchen

The Design Studio for Social Intervention asked me to design a mobile brainstorming unit and branding for their project Public Kitchen. With the goal of creating ways to make preparation and enjoyment of food a more public and shared experience, the Studio wanted to take this idea to different communities and lead brainstorming sessions.


Potential Energy

Darfur Stoves Project was looking for a new brand identity that would reflect their expansion into multiple countries and technologies. I met with their team to play a round of Design Taboo in order to co-create with the main stakeholders a new name and brand identity.


Five-Eyed Films

Logo design for New York-based film company Five Eyed Films.